CELPA, Commission on English Language Program Accreditation, specializes in assessing, monitoring, and consulting English teaching programs at colleges, universties and other educational institutions.  CELPA was founded in 2010 with the purpose to improve the quality of English language teaching and administration in Mongolia using internationally accepted standards.

CELPA is the first institution in Mongolia to bring international standards to English language programs.


CELPA Mission is:

To facilitate, by way of consultancy, the process of English language accreditation between the Mongolian Ministry of Education (MOE) and the chosen accreditation body.

To collaborate and negotiate with both parties in the introduction of accreditation workshops, the promotion of best practice seminars and oversee the eventual introduction of accredited schools throughout Mongolia.

To plan, instigate and facilitate a pilot of especially chosen qualifying schools during the initial process, and to monitor progress of such.

To act as the reporting body to both parties during the tenure of the accreditation process.

To organize and train the trainers, both locally and in the USA for the purpose of accreditation and its’ continuum during the roll out process.

To oversee, and seek, and facilitate the draw down of funding for such purposes from the MOE and other appointed Donors.