English Language Education in the Workplace 2013 Presentations

1. Begz Nadmid, Sc.D Professor, Director, Academy of Education, Mongolia "English Language Education and Foreign Language Policy in Mongolia"

2. Jerick Aguilar, Ph.D, ELT Specialist, Teacher Trainer, Santis Educational Services, Mongolia "Government-Driven English Language Training in Developing Countries"


Greetings everyone!

It is my great pleasure to announce that The First International Symposium on “English Language Education in the Workplace” was a success. The purpose of the symposium was to discuss the pressing issues facing English language education in Mongolia, raise awareness of those issues, and explore ways of solving them as it pertains to government policies, business regulations and standards and to the individual. We have gathered a vast amount of collective knowledge regarding those topics in this symposium and it is surely a considerable contribution to the improvement of English language education in Mongolia and the competitiveness of Mongolian workforce in the global market.

On behalf of the team that organized the symposium, I would like to extend a thank you to all the companies and organizations, domestic and foreign, and local representatives for giving importance to the cause and respectfully attending everything in the symposium.



What is a Symposium?
A Symposium is a conference or a meeting where people gather together to discuss a particular subject.  The distinctive nature of symposiums over regular meetings and conferences is the fact that all the participants get to make presentations and contribute to the discussion.
Why hold a Symposium on "English Language Education in the Workplace"?
The idea to hold a Symposium on "English Language Education in the Workplace" came from the urgent necessity to assess and examine the issues facing English language education in Mongolia.  As the Mongolian economy is improving at an unprecedented rate, there has never been a time when Mongolia had more demand for a workforce that speaks proficient English.  Henceforth, there isn't better time than now to discuss the challenges and possible solutions to those challenges on this subject matter.
This Symposium's MISSION is: